Why Ms Dhoni is still considered best captian of India ?


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, most popularly known as MS Dhoni, has been an admirable team captain over the years. Dhoni’s career has seen more ups than downs. On 14 September 2007, this legend made his captaincy debut in international cricket. He led the men in blue to victory by winning the World Cup in 2011 with his magnificent six. This has been one of the most memorable and prestigious moments for the Indians.

Let us find out if MS Dhoni is India’s Best Captain.

Outstanding ODIs

The right-handed batsman, who is also a wicket keeper, has won the most ODIs compared to any other Indian captains. He has 91 wins from a total of 162 ODI matches, with the highest winning percentage of 61.49%.

Dhoni’s triumph beyond the continent includes the Champions Trophy in England and the Commonwealth Bank Series in Australia. However, Dhoni is said to perform better in his home continent. Outside Asia, this charming captain’s winning percentage is said to drop to 53%. This is comparatively low when compared to Sourav Ganguly’s 59% wins outside Asia.  

The Indian cricket team, lead by Dhoni, has strongly retained their prestige by winning the renowned Asia Cup in 2010, the World Cup in 2011 and the Champions Trophy in 2013. Dhoni’s noteworthy captainship has also caused the Indian cricket team to win the West Indies Tri-Nation series and the Commonwealth Bank series (two finals). This brilliant team leader has a 100% win record on finals outside Asia.

Although he took the team to only 11 finals, he led it to victory on 7 of the matches.

Triumphant Tests & T20s

Dhoni has lead the Indian cricket team in 50+ Tests and is the only captain to have done so. He has won 27 of them, earning him a top winning percentage of 46.5%.

Upon taking into consideration the international test rankings, Dhoni’s performance may not seem commendable. His winning percentage is far lower than SR Waugh’s 71.9% and RT Ponting’s 62.3%.

If this legendary cricketer improves his Test scores outside the Asian subcontinent then he is to undoubtedly become India’s Best Captain.

But MS Dhoni will always remain the legend that he is now. Besides winning matches, he has also won at life. He has received the prestigious Indian Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards, along with other renowned accolades. The Indian cricket team will forever be grateful for his extraordinary contribution.


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