What happened in 1983 India world cup ?


Krishnamachari Srikkanth, with the Indian World Cup team, had arrived in England with zero hopes of winning the World Cup. Srikkanth had also booked his honeymoon tickets as he planned to immediately leave for the US after their defeat.

The team never imagined reaching the 1983 World Cup final. The hopes were this low because India by then had only been able to defeat East and Central Africa.

Little did the Indian cricket team know that God had some other plans? Their pleasantly shocking win had left everyone in awe while the memories of it are looked back at with immense joy and pride. It is still and will forever remain a special day for the Indian cricket team.

Under the captaincy of Kapil Dev, India had gained victory over West Indies in 1983 World Cup Final on 25th June.

The Indian team was knocked out at a score of 183. Srikkanth was the top-scoring batsman with a score of 38 only. The hopes and chances for the men in blue were very low until they showed their spectacular bowling skills, only to shock the opposing team and the audiences.

Fierce bowler Mohinder Amarnath was the 1983 World Cup final man of the match. Accompanied by Madan Lal, the two skilled gentlemen limited the opposing team’s score to just 140, dropping all of their wickets by then.

Whenever we talk about 1893 World Cup cricket, a name always crosses our minds. That name is none other than Kapil Dev. He made history with his remarkable score of 175 against Zimbabwe. This was not only the highest run made in the World Cup but was also a record-breaking score of one-day international cricket.

The World Cup win in 1983 by the Indian team under the captaincy of Kapil Dev remains of the greatest moments of the country. The cricketers still laugh at the fond memories of their lovely times. Srikkanth still believes that Dev owns him the money of his missed flight to the US.

The final match is still viewed by millions of Indians across the country, giving them a sense of pride and continues to motivate the modern-day cricketers.


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