Venkatesh Prashad and Aamir Sohail went down the memory lane to decode their epic rivalry


India and Pakistan are well known rivals on the cricket field and there are a lots of epic World Cup Moments when their face off left a mark on the fan’s memory lane. Another one is the Prasad-Sohail 1996 World Cup incident that the two legends have now decoded over a talk with Star Sports.

One of the India’s finest fast bowlers Venkatesh Prasad and Pakistan’s furious left handed striker Aamir Sohail remembered their famous knock from the 1996 World Cup when Prasad fractured Sohail’s off stump just after he was tried to be sledged by Sohail, following a boundary on the extra cover region. That proved to be a match turning point for India as the Md. Azharuddin led team India knocked out Pakistan from the World Cup Quarter Final and secured their spot for the semi finals.

During the talk, Sohail said that the shoulders of his fellow teammates were down because of the early departure of Saeed Anwar and Izaz Ahmad walked in instead of Javed Miandad. Izaz was consuming a lot of deliveries and the pressure was building on him. Venkatesh Prasad, on the other hand, was focused and was making it even more difficult for the batsman to score runs. So, he had to take charge.

Prasad said how stressed he was while walking back for his run-up as Sohail had just sledged him by pointing towards the cover area where he just had hit the ball. While Sohail expected a bouncer and was ready to sail it over long leg, Prasad went for his off stump and knocked his bails off.

After Sohail’s dismissal, the entire Pakistan batting brigade collapsed and ended their innings 39 runs short. Pakistan is still finding it’s maiden win over India in a World Cup game as in the all the encounters between the two teams, India has dominated its neighbor.

Prasad said he could never forget that incident because even after 22 years, every single day people come and meet him and remind him of the same. He said he feels so proud to still be inspiring young talents and marked his name in the history with just one delivery.

The on-field rivals and off field friends Prasad and Sohail also warmed up on the ground in the nets with Prasad hitting a cover drive followed by Sohail’s googly hitting Prasad’s middle stump.


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