The NatWest Series is the One-day international cricket tournament which has been held in England since 2000. National Westminster Bank, one of the leading banks in the UK, is the main sponsor of this tournament. Originally, the tournament was played as a three-team tri-series. The teams included England and two other touring international teams.

Each team played three matches with the other two teams each. Then the final was played between the top two teams in the points tally. The final was played at the famous Lord’s Stadium in London.

Tournaments by year

Season Winner Runner-up Third place
2000  England  Zimbabwe  West Indies
2001  Australia  Pakistan  England
2002  India  England  Sri Lanka
2003  England  South Africa  Zimbabwe
2004  New Zealand  West Indies  England
2005  Australia


The first edition of the NatWest Series was organized in 2000. Zimbabwe and the West Indies were the visiting teams. The final was played between England and Zimbabwe and England had won the finals by 6 wickets.

NatWest Series 2002


In 2002, the NatWest series was played between India and England. The NatWest Series final match between both the teams is seen as one of the most notable matches of the NatWest tournament. England has posted a massive total of 325-5 and Indians weren’t the best of the chasers. But with the amazing performances of the young players Yuvraj Singh and Mohammad Kaif, India beat England by 2 wickets. India has scored 326–8. The 2002 tri-series was played between England, India, and Sri Lanka and India had won the tournament.

NatWest Series 2005


Another notable NatWest series match was played between Bangladesh and Australia in 2005. Bangladesh, surpassingly, beat Australia in Cardiff. The last tri-series NatWest tournament was played in 2005.

NatWest Series 2007

In 2007, the Indian cricket team went to England 19 July to 8 September 2007. Both the teams played 3 Tests and 7 One-Day Internationals (ODIs) NatWest Series. England won the one-day NatWest series by 4-3. Another series was played between England and West Indies, which West Indies won by 2-1.

NatWest Series 2011

BBC Sport - Cricket - Sri Lanka in England 2011

In 2011, England played the NatWest series with India and England. During June and July 2011, England won the series 3-2 against Sri Lanka. Later in September, England won the one-day series 3-0 against the Indian Cricket Team.