The Whopping ₹100 Crore Deal


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most awaited cricket tournament across the globe. While the masters of cricket battle for victory on the field, only a few have enlisted their names in the ₹100 crore list.

Only the ones who have crossed the ₹ 100 crore threshold previously in their cricket career have been eligible for this deal.

It is no surprise that MS Dhoni is one such cricketer who has bagged ₹100 in his past cricket sessions. This man needs no introduction as he has secured his place in all of our hearts with his outstanding cricket skills, besides the cricket field. This man has won the hearts and respect of his fans through his outstanding performance throughout his career. His legacy will always be looked back at with utmost and immense pride.

Dhoni’s latest news covers that hehas made it through the ₹100 crore list again this year.

MS Dhoni always tops the charts when it comes to IPL earnings. 13 strong years of Dhoni’s cricket career in IPL has earned him a hefty amount of ₹ 138.7 crores. Dhoni has kept his IPL journey intact with Chennai Super Kings (CSK) through 11 amazing seasons. He is ranked above all his cricketer peers and has successfully made 4432 runs throughout his Indian Premier League journey.

This mighty cricketer was a part of Rising Pune Super Giants for two IPL seasons as Chennai Super Kings, along with Rajasthan Royals, had undergone a period of adjournment.

It’s good news for Dhoni CSK fans as the beloved Indian Team Captain is back on track this year. Chennai Super Kings paid him about ₹15 crores to preserve its power. This mighty cricketer’s salary was raised by 150%. With his eyes fixed on the trophy, he is all set to win it for his CSK team.

Besides Dhoni, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have also made it to the ₹100 crore list. We cannot wait to see the tough fight these champions are about to put up against one another in the latest IPL season.


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