Motera Stadium Will Throw Multiple Challenges in India Vs England 3 Test Match


The world’s largest cricket stadium Motera, is gearing up to host the day-night pink ball test between India and England. Both the teams have won a single match in the four-match test series. India vs. England third test match at Motera Stadium will be crucial for both the teams as it will take us one step close to the finalist of World Test Championship. Even though Montera Stadium has a capacity of 1,10,000 spectators, only 55,000 individuals will be allowed to witness the third test match live due to Covid-19 security protocols.

Twilight Hour Will Trouble Batsmen

The first day-night pink ball was played back in 2015. Tracing back the experiences, batsmen on the pitch will face difficulty when the nature of the light will change. It will be difficult for batters to focus on the ball due to enough field experience. Even though if Motera stadium witness weather fluctuations, players will have a hard time during the twilight hour.

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Extra Focus Will be Important: Rohit Sharma

The star batter of India, Rohit Sharma, stated that twilight hour plays around the batsmen’s mind He played his last day-night pink ball test back in 2019, where he did not get the chance to bat at the twilight hour. However, he marked that extra caution and focus are important to get past the twilight stage and adapt to lighting conditions to score runs on the board and secure victory for the team.

India Vs Bangladesh 2019 is a Classic Example of Trouble Which Batsmen Might Face

Back in 2019, India played a day-night pink ball test match against Bangladesh where both the team faced difficulty in the twilight hour. Almost four batsmen from Bangladesh were hit on the heads due to sudden light change and weather conditions.

Second Session Must be Treated as Morning Session

Virat Kohli, back in 2019, addressed the media personnel and marked that cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar gave golden advice on the day-night pink ball test match and marked that the second session of the test match must be treated as a morning session.

Spinners Will Have Stronger Side in Motera Stadium

Rohit Sharma also marked that spinners from both the team will have better chances of getting early wickets for their team at Motera stadium. Even though the new pitch of Motera is untested, it will assist spinners in the India Vs. England test match.

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Stadium Lighting Will be Another Concerned Factor in India vs. England Test Match

Motera Stadium will be hosting its first international test match with half-capacity. The LED lights and seating arrangement around the stadium will be another factor that both teams will have to look after. Rohit stated that the practice sessions will be done to get used to the lights and seats in the stadium to avoid problems in the main game.


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