It’s just 2 weeks left for the Indian Premier League to commence. The IPL 2021 schedule is already out. The players have started arriving at their respective hotels before the start of IPL 2021. With the spike of fresh COVID cases being observed across the country, BCCI has come out with IPL 2021 new rules which need to be followed by the players and their family members so that IPL can be conducted in a safe and secure manner. 

  • 1. Family and team owners to stay in bio secure bubble

This season the family members of the players along with the team owners will also have to be in the same bio secured bubble. However, in very urgent situation, they can come out of the bio secure bubble only after written permission from the chief medical officer of BCCI.

  • 2. Areas of hotel where players would stay will be sealed

The respective team management of IPL have been told to book the entire hotel if its possible for them. However, if they are unable to do so, then the entire floor where the players would be staying will be sealed off for any outsiders. This is to ensure that no one except the team management should interact with the players inside the hotel premises.

  • 3. Bio secure bubble integrity managers

Well, during our school days, we used to have a monitor in each classroom who was responsible for smooth environment of the class. Same way, BCCI would also be deploying “Bubble integrity managers” who will have to make sure that the players and other members of bio secure bubble follow the IPL 2021 new rules.

  • 4. 7 days quarantine for foreigners

IPL 2021 schedule is out. The players coming from the countries such as the UK, Europe, Brazil, South Africa and the Middle East would have to undergo a mandatory 7-day quarantine for which they will have to bear the costs themselves.

  • 5. Immediate replacement of balls

While research has said that cricket balls are the least carries of coronavirus. Still, for the safety of players, every time the ball goes to the stands, it would be replaced with new ball.

  • 6. Bubble to bubble transfer

This has been done by the BCCI keeping in mind Indian players who are a part of the ongoing ODI series. They can directly move to the IPL bubble from their existing bubble without any extra period of isolation.

  • 7. RT-PCR tests required for entering into bubble

Every player who comes from different bio secure bubble will have to undergo 3 RT-PCR tests within 7 days. Only when they pass these 3 tests, they would be allowed to join the new bio secure bubble of their respective teamsfor IPL 2021.

  • 8. Separate check-in counters

All the players who join the hotel will have an area cordoned off for their separate check-in. This is done to ensure that all the players remain isolated from any outsiders who stays at the same hotel.

  • 9. No contact between BCCI officials and players

BCCI officials won’t be part of any bio secure bubble. Hence, they won’t be allowed to enter any bio secure bubble of the teams. They won’t be allowed to even meet match officials and broadcast crew members.

  • 10. Special requirement for Chennai

According to the rules of the Tamil Nadu government, the players will need to provide a special e-pass that will be issued by the Tamil Nadu state government for the Indian Premier League.

These are the 10 IPL 2021 new rules.


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