Chepauk Comes Alive as Fans Return to Stand for India Vs England Second Test Match


The first test match between India and England was played behind the doors as spectators were not allowed in the stadium. However, BCCI lifted some restrictions and allowed Indian cricket fans to witness the second test match live in Chepauk stadium. BCCI will open the gates of the stadium for nearly 14,000 to 15,0000 spectators. Test commentators made special statements before the match and BCCI officially tweeted that Chepauk has come alive and cricket fans are the reason behind the cheers and joy.

Strict Social Distancing and Sanitisation is Mandatory

Even though BCCI has lifted the restrictions, strict social distancing and sanitization rules are mandatory for spectators. Chepauk stadium will only operate in 50% capacity, and nearly 15,000 spectators will be able to enjoy the second test match live between India and England. All the spectators will have to cover their mouth and nose through face masks. Frequent sanitization is also advised by stadium officials for complete safety. Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) has also released an official statement and marked that any spectator who will show any symptoms of Covid-19 like fever, cough, cold, and more will not be allowed to enter the Chepauk stadium.

Special Volunteers Will be Present in Stands

Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) has taken strict measures to ensure the safety of cricket fans and players. There will be a special crew that will monitor the happening around the stadium. In case any spectator feels uneasy, special isolation and ambulance services will be available. To ensure the safety of players, ball sanitization will be done after every six hits. The association has also arranged special 5 medical kiosks and a medical room with the professional doctor for safety.

Indian Team Will Get Push from Crowd Support and Love

As England decimated India in the opening test match at the same venue, the presence of cricket fans will motivate the players to perform well in the innings and secure the victory. Indian skipper Virat Kohli will be looking forward to winning the toss and create early pressure on England. Also, the three-spinner theory that India is following in the test match format is expected to give better results in the second test match. The opening order of India will also have the opportunity to get back in form and decimate the bowling line-up of rivals.


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