BCCI Slashes Soft Signal Rule and Issues 90 Minute Restriction in Gameplay Ahead of IPL 2021


BCCI has announced multiple decisions ahead of IPL 2021. The governing body of cricket in India has announced that the soft-signal ruling will not be applicable in the IPL 2021. The rule was in talks over the past two weeks when Indian skipper Virat Kohli shared his opinion on the ruling and stated that these rulings create an unnecessary grey area in the decision making. The soft signals from umpires have created quite a stir in Indian cricket, especially throughout the India Vs England series.

Umpires Decision Will Not Be the Ultimate Decision

BCCI addressed the concerns revolved around the soft-signal rule and slashed the ruling ahead of IPL 2021. As reported by Cricdaddy, the Onfield umpire’s decision will not be the final decision, with the third-umpire having full power for such decisions. BCCI stated that the decision given by the On-field umpire while referring to the decision of the third umpire would not be applicable in the Indian Premier League. The governing body of cricket in India also stated that decisions and consultation must be initiated by the bowler’s end umpire to the TV/Third umpire by making the shape of a TV screen with hands. The third umpire will make the final call whether batsmen have been caught, whether batsmen obstructed the field intentionally, or the delivery was a bump. In case of catches, the third umpire will use all the technological support and communicate the decision.

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BCCI has also Issued Strict 90 Minute Restriction

In order to slash the late proceedings in matches and curb the anger of cricket fans, BCCI has issued a strict 90 min restriction time in which an innings must be completed in IPL 2021 and T20 matches. BCCI added that as a measure to control the match innings, the 20th over in each innings will now be included in 90 minutes. As per earlier rules, the final over the T20 format was to start on the 90th minute. In case of delay or interrupted matches where the gameplay is scheduled to be less than 20 overs, the restricted time of 90 minutes will be slashed by 4 minutes and 15 seconds for every over.


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