Ashes 2019 – A Sneak Peek to The History and Trophy


One of the most exciting cricket series between England and Australia is The Ashes. This fiercely contested cricket series is one of the all-time favorites for the cricketers across the world. Most of the people are much eager to watch The Ashes matches. The prize for The Ashes will be a small terracotta urn for the team with the wooden cricket ball. The Ashes is mainly played as the symbol of the cricketing rivalry between England and Australia. Ashes tournament was held by Australia. Ashes 2019 was mainly hosted on August 1st by England.

England Vs. Australia Test Series:

Ashes 2019 is one of the best ashes series with the World Cup semi-finals 2019. Normally, The Ashes tournament is mainly compiled of 5 matches and 5-day test series. The Ashes is one of the most favorite and passionate game series for the cricketers to enjoy their gaming. In the Ashes 2019, Australian captain Steve Waugh accompanies the Australian squad on a 6-week tour. The main reason is that Steve has mainly lifted the Ashes urn for about 8 times.

Ashes 2019 was commenced on August 1 at Birmingham. The second Ashes 2019 game was played in London on August 14. The third match was played at Leeds On August 22. The fourth Test was played on September 4 at Manchester, and the last Test match was played on September 12 in London.

The Ashes In The 1990s:

England and Australia were the two teams’ mainly desired to complete the actual trophy with the MCC commissioned. England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket Australia have both agreed on taking the urn-shaped Waterford Crystal trophy in the 1990s. This trophy was attained by Mark Taylor for their triumphant in the 1998-99 Test series against England. The Ashes trophy will be mainly presented to winning captain during the end of each Test series that takes place between the countries.

What Is The Prize Money For Ashes?

Most of the people are excited about knowing the prize money for the Ashes Test series. The Ashes is of mainly great importance, but one of the interesting facts is that no cash prize will be awarded for the winning team during prize distribution. National Cricket Board of the Ashes rewards the players of winning team Ashes Prize Money based on their performance. The Ashes played between England, and Australia holds great significance in its history. The main reason is that the Test series marks the ending of England’s dominance in cricket. The Ashes test series consist of 5 matches that would be played in England and Australia alternately. Now you have the better option to know more about the ashes cricket highlights online.

Why Did The Ashes Series Start?

The Ashes cricket game series has been mainly started between England and Australia. Australia was playing against England on August 29th, 1882, at The Oval. The Oval is one of the biggest ground and difficult for the batsmen to bat. On that day, the Australian team only scored 63 runs in first innings, and 122 runs in second innings. England made an easy victory in the game. One of the turning points in this game is that Fred Spofforth took 14 wickets. Another most interesting part is that the last 4 wickets have been coming even within a 2-run interval. This made England much struggle in the game, and Harry Boyle took 10th wicket without allowing the English to reach the target score. Australia won the match and dominated England.

With the completion of the match, the newspapers stated that this match as “death of the English Cricket”. From that day, people considered that the Ashes of the English Cricket were Australians. Since the Australians won the match series on that day. In 1882-8, Ivo Bligh, along with his team, toured Australia and stated that they would bring back the Ashes cup. At the same time, Billy Murdoch, Australian captain, states that they would protect the trophy. On that tour, some women in Melbourne gifted English Captain with Urn having Ashes. This marks ashes series history as one of the legends for the creation of the Ashes series. Ashes were kept alive even all these years, and it carries a magnificent significance.


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