Anderson reached 600 wickets mark in Tests, Why Anil Kumble must be troubled with this?


James Anderson of England has reached those heights in Test cricket, which has always been a dream for any fast bowler. ‘Swing Master’ Jimmy Anderson has taken 600th wicket in Test cricket. He is the first such fast bowler in the world to achieve this feat. According to the record books, he is at number 4 as Muttiah Muralitharan, Shane Warne and Anil Kumble are the top three bowlers to reach the mark. Anderson is now preparing to infiltrate the trio. If he continues his form, he can definitely move India’s Anil Kumble from third to fourth position in this list.

Legendary pacer Anderson’s ‘600 Test Wickets’ achieved is the biggest achievement of his career. He made this happen on Tuesday, the last day of the third Test against Pakistan. He took the wicket of captain Azhar Ali as the 600th wicket of his Test career. The top three bowlers who have made this achievement are all spinners. Anderson marked this record in his 291th innings of his 156th Test. However, the match ended up as a draw.

According to the experts, if Anderson, who is the master of ‘reverse- reverse swing’, plays for the next 18 months, there are many more records he can reach or even break. Indian leg spinner Anil Kumble would be the first one overtaken by Anderson. Kumble has a record of taking 619 wickets in Test cricket. At this pace, Anderson can break this record in not more than 3-4 test matches. Well, Shane Warne has a record of taking 708 wickets that appears to be pretty safe at this time not for so long.

Cricketers from all over the world have taken over social media to congratulate Anderson on his achievement. Indian skipper Virat Kohli tweeted, “Congratulations @jimmy9 for this outstanding achievement of 600 wickets. Definitely one of the best bowlers I’ve faced.” Legendary cricketer Michael Vaughan has also congratulated Jimmy for his achievement


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